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US report: global oil may be exhausted before the popularization of alternative energy

Xinhua on November 12, US researchers calculated based on the data of more than a dozen world-famous oil or new energy enterprises, and believed that the world's oil resources may be exhausted before the popularization of alternative energy

researchers at the University of California at Davis reported in the new issue of environmental science and technology in the United States that they compared and analyzed the data provided by 12 famous oil or new energy enterprises such as ExxonMobil, Anglo dutch shell 1 and clutch gear wear: oil companies and BP need to be repaired or replaced, combined with relevant prediction theories and data, It is estimated that the time when the global oil resources are exhausted may be 90 years earlier than the time when alternative energy is popularized in the world

Professor Debbie Niemeyer, who participated in the study, pointed out that the three main factors that determine its prediction results include: first, the long-term investment in new energy technology, which determines whether and when new energy technology will become the dominant force in the energy market; 2、 The current situation, strength and development prospects of new energy enterprises; 3、 Market value of oil enterprises and new energy enterprises

Nimer said that there are many predictions about when oil resources will dry up. In addition to the above three factors, there are also factors that affect these prediction conclusions, such as whether human beings maintain the current consumption mode, whether they can find new oil fields, whether they can master more advanced technology to develop those oil fields that are difficult to exploit and have high production costs, and so on. If these factors change positively in the future, the relevant prediction results will also change

Nimer said that the international community has many goals to develop new batteries, hydrogen energy, biofuels and other renewable energy. Today, let's talk about the common problems and solutions of fatigue testing machines. But at present, these goals may fall short of the requirements of ensuring the sustainable development of economy, society and ecosystem

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