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the United States issued food and other labeling statements

the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued Circular g/tbt/n/usa/172 on February 1. Title: list of pigments that can be exempted from certification; Labels of food, drugs and cosmetics: cochineal carmine extract and carmine pigment statement. The content involves pigments in food, drugs and cosmetics

carmine has become the best choice for food processing industry and chemical industry because of its stable performance and excellent quality. The statement proposes to revise the requirements for cochineal carmine extract and carmine pigment in addition to the production efficiency and energy requirements of biological high molecular varieties that provide high quality and low price for downstream utilization, and require that their statements be carried on the labels of all foods and cosmetics containing these pigments. So that consumers who are allergic to these pigments can be identified, so as to avoid using products containing these pigments, in order to protect the legitimate interests of consumers. The proposed approval date and the proposed effective date of the statement are to be determined, and the deadline for comments is May 1st, 2006. We hereby remind the relevant departments and production enterprises of our country to pay attention

the maximum takeoff weight is 72 tons. Source: International Business Daily

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