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Good news! China's combustible ice trial production set two world records

it was learned from the video conference on the second round of production results report of natural gas hydrate (combustible ice) in China's sea areas held by the Ministry of natural resources on the 26th. The China Geological Survey of the Ministry of natural resources organized and implemented it from the video conference on the second round of production results report of natural gas hydrate (combustible ice) in China's sea areas held by the Ministry of natural resources on the 26th, The second round of trial production of natural gas hydrate in China's sea areas, organized and implemented by the China Geological Survey of the Ministry of natural resources, has been successful and exceeded the target tasks, and set two new world records

breakthrough in mining technology

it is reported that this round of trial production of combustible ice lasted for one month. In the Shenhu sea area of the South China Sea, with a water depth of 1225 meters, it created two new world records of total gas production of 861400 cubic meters and average daily gas production of 28700 cubic meters, conquered the core technology of drilling and production of horizontal wells in deep-sea shallow soft strata, and achieved a major leap from exploratory trial production to experimental trial production. In the process of industrialization, Achieved major landmark results

according to the introduction, the industrialization of combustible ice can be roughly divided into five stages: theoretical research and simulation test, exploratory test mining that brings confidence to extruder enterprises, experimental test mining, productive test mining, and commercial mining. The second round of pilot production successfully achieved a phased leap from exploratory pilot production to experimental pilot production, and took an extremely critical step in the process of natural gas hydrate industrialization

it is extremely difficult to mine combustible ice

improve control performance according to Ye Jianliang, director of the Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, combustible ice is regarded by all countries as a strategic alternative energy for oil and natural gas in the future, and is the strategic commanding height of global energy development in the next 35 years, said Zhu Changchun, Secretary General of the China Polyurethane Industry Association in the future

in the 1960s, the former Soviet Union first discovered combustible ice in Siberia. Since then, this new mineral has appeared in front of people all over the world. However, as a solid substance in the deep sea, the exploitation of combustible ice is very difficult. Combustible ice is extremely unstable under normal temperature and pressure. A little carelessness will lead to methane leakage and serious damage to the environment. Judging from the development history of combustible ice in various countries around the world, the United States and Canada have conducted land trial mining, but the effect is poor. Japan has failed in two trial mining, that is, there is no mature experience available in the world for the trial mining of combustible ice

Hainan reserves 100 billion tons level

the South China Sea is the most important distribution area of combustible ice in China, and the largest research and production base of functional membrane materials in Zhejiang Province. The national storage of combustible ice resources is equivalent to 100 billion tons of oil, of which 80 billion tons are in the South China Sea. Exploration shows that there are 11 ore bodies in Shenhu sea area, covering an area of 128 square kilometers, with resource reserves equivalent to 150 million tons of oil reserves. Oil experts said that the successful trial production means that these reserves are expected to be converted into usable precious energy, which means that China has opened a treasure with a storage capacity of 100 billion tons of oil

according to the current consumption in China, combustible ice can be used in China for more than 100 years. At present, China's dependence on foreign oil is more than 60%. Combustible ice is of great significance to China's energy security and economic development

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