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Excellent low-density kraft paperboard

the kraft paper Department of virtue vishwick company has improved the surface properties of kraftpak unbleached box paperboard, making it have a smoother printing surface, thus improving the printing reproduction performance of the paperboard and reducing the hair loss phenomenon. Hair loss is a problem that printers and processors often encounter when processing uncoated low-density paperboard

Tony rozmes, manager of the packaging Department of medevac (use the mouse to find out the force value and deformation data of the experimental curve point by point), said that in order to respond to the changes in customer demand and market technical performance standards, the company has improved the performance of paperboard by locally transforming the No. 1 paper machine in the production workshop in Charleston, South Carolina

"kraftpak paperboard has gained a good reputation in the past 20 years, and it is regarded as the most reliable kraft paperboard on the market." Mr. rozmens said, "when customers are satisfied with the existing performance of this kind of paperboard, we will disclose the unmet needs, and meet these needs by improving the in machine printing performance of paperboard. We have achieved this without sacrificing the advantage of low density of paperboard." Kraftpak cardboard is popular in part because of its pure and natural appearance, which helps to highlight the distinctive brand image. Companies can use its natural appearance and unique image reproduction ability to convey and highlight the brand image

the improved kraftpak paperboard has a compact and smooth printing surface, which can be applied to carton packaging in various fields - from shirt boxes and luxury packaging in department stores to soap boxes and beverage boxes, and shows high-quality printing effects. In addition, it is still suitable for direct contact with storable food and frozen food. Paperboard has wet strength and weather resistance, which can provide complete elongation deformation in the whole logistics channel and increase product protection

the smooth surface of paperboard also provides better in machine printing performance for printers and processors. In addition, good inking performance minimizes the phenomenon of powder and hair loss, which is often concerned when using low-density paperboard. The improved kraftpak paperboard has stable and reliable tariff performance of up to 25% and excellent printing speed. Therefore, when the paperboard passes on the printing machine, die-cutting machine and box pasting machine, it can reduce the cleaning times, reduce the downtime, improve the operation efficiency, and finally improve the production income

in the product test carried out jointly with the collaborators, the improved kraftpak paperboard received a good evaluation

"we are very happy and surprised at its excellent performance. Compared with ordinary kraft board, it has much less hair loss in the process of printing, die cutting, folding and pasting boxes." Tom McRae, technical service manager and vice president of marketing of Cadmus Whitehall, said that supply to source enterprises. Cadmus Whitehall is a brochure and carton printing company located in Charlotte, North Carolina

the improved kraftpak paperboard can still apply some demanding printing technologies, such as embossing, bronzing, creasing and punching. In addition, a layer of film, metal foil or printing sheet can be mounted or wrapped on the outside of the cardboard, so as to obtain a smooth, high-grade visual and tactile feeling

in addition, as a kind of low-density and high-yield paperboard, the output of cartons per ton of kraftpak paperboard is much more than that of most competitive brands, which also saves costs in disguise. Moreover, it also effectively reduces waste and greatly saves resources for environmentally conscious companies

source: global color box industry

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