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Xingguan nano coating integrity home decoration consultation meeting held in Beijing

Xingguan nano coating integrity home decoration consultation meeting held in Beijing

August 9, 2004

in order to promote the concept of integrity home decoration, establish a good social image of the home decoration industry that the puncture cone has been connected to the contact mold, and meet the people's growing demand for integrity, we all know the service. With the approval of the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission, it is hosted by the Beijing Architectural Decoration Association, The home decoration Committee of Beijing architectural decoration association undertakes the Xingguan nano coating Cup with the largest population - the autumn 2004 Beijing integrity home decoration obligation consultation meeting, which will be held in hall 3 of the National Agricultural Exhibition Hall on August

the purpose of this consultation meeting is to promote the concept of honest home decoration and meet the needs of home consumers for honest services. Namely: treat consumers of home decoration with integrity; Integrity home decoration design; Honest home decoration material selection; Honest construction; Integrity and environmental protection; Sign home decoration contract in good faith; Integrity home decoration maintenance; Honest home decoration service

this consultation meeting will also work with Sohu Focus real estate to jointly host the "Xingguan nano coating Cup - 2004 Beijing main advanced computer software provides higher productivity and Duli house type interior design competition". In addition to advocating the design concept of people-oriented, safe and practical, environmental protection and intelligence, the outstanding feature of the design work is to select dozens of real estate house types in Beijing that will be sold in the near future as the design competition house types, Provide different styles of home design solutions for home decoration consumers

this integrity home decoration compulsory consultation meeting was approved by the government and held by the home decoration Committee of Beijing Decoration Association. Excellent and advanced home decoration companies in Beijing gathered together to provide consulting services for the people. All companies participating in the compulsory consultation meeting can meet the standard of "indoor air quality control code for civil buildings" issued by the Ministry of construction, so it has a certain authority and a high service level

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